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Our Story


We are Fire&Felt – a small company with a big passion for helping you create and enjoy a real sense of comfort and wellbeing in your home.

Think comfort, think home

Over the past few years we’ve noticed how much the role of ‘home’ has changed – as well as being where you live, it’s now the place from where you shop, work, entertain and stay connected with your family and friends. And, as our lives have become increasingly more hectic, home has also become our place to escape, to feel a sense of calm and comfort.

We set up Fire&Felt with exactly this in mind. Our little online shop has started out selling footwear – über-comfy slippers and indoor house clogs sourced exclusively from Austria. And now, we’re busy finding gorgeous clothing and wonderful homeware to add to our collection too. Our aim is to bring together the very best in ‘home comfort’ – textures that feel good against your skin, aromas that enhance your sense of wellbeing, making you feel good when you’re at home.

We believe in…

  • Simplicity – by which we mean understated products with timeless appeal
  • Quality – we choose items that are handcrafted from natural materials by experts in their trade from the UK and Europe
  • Traditional craftsmanship – we only work in partnership with artisans who care about what they do and make things that last
  • You – because, without customers who believe in the same things we do, we wouldn’t be here. So we promise to always put you first, to listen to your views (and respond to your concerns) and to carry on doing our very best to bring you the little things that make you feel truly at home.